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Solar Panel Installation



As a company we are very aware of the foot print we leave on this earth and even though, as a business that only sells Organic Produce, we are already on the right path we know that we can always do more.

When we moved into our new premises in August 2018 we realised that this gave us a lot more freedom than we had as tenants in New Covent Garden, to influence how we run our business, how our waste was handled, what we recycle and more importantly, where the energy we used came from.

Our initial move was to sign up with electricity providers who could guarantee a 100% renewable tariff with our next step to see how we could start generating some of our own.

Reading a farming magazine at Roddy’s kitchen table in Devon one afternoon I saw an advert for Mole Energy, part of the Mole Valley Farmers group, a phone call was made and the ball set rolling. https://www.moleenergy.com/solar-pv-for-business/

It immediately felt like a great fit and in a way just right. In 1960 a small group of North Devon farmers came together to create a new farmer buying group, as fundamentally they were disillusioned with paying over the odds for general agricultural products and discriminating pricing practices, my Grand Father, Edward Govier, was one of those farmers. The buying group was Mole Valley Farmers.

The installation is now complete and everyday now we can see, through a very clever App, what the 106 kWp Solar PV on our roof is producing.

Here is a little video insight: