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January – What’s in season

January fruit is all about the colour orange, well and the fruit. The 1st month of the year gives us more than that New Year’s Resolution and a reason to try a new diet, It also brings us two very distinctive citrus fruit, Seville & Blood oranges.

Our Seville Oranges are from the famous Spanish farm of Ave Maria and are the perfect fruit for classic marmalade recipes. https://www.huertaavemaria.com/naranjas/naranjas-amargas/

“As well as the bitter organic varieties the team at Ave Maria have also applied their knowledge to the cultivation and production of sweet, navel, oranges.”

Blood Oranges are the other January citrus we all so look forward too. Ours come from Sicily and more specifically from orange groves on the slopes of Mount Etna. Other than the pure delight of eating these fruit they also make excellent marmalade if you are looking for something a little different.

“Blood oranges from this region obtain their unique taste and colour from the minerals present in the volcanic soils”

January vegetables are largely made up from the continuation of the winter veg we have been enjoying for the last couple of months. For those who love brussel sprouts and didn’t get the fill over the Christmas period these tasty little cabbages are still going strong through most of January.

Root vegetables feature heavily throughout the month with the colder weather usually ensuring that these are now also at their sweetest.