The UK’s largest wholesalers of local and seasonal organic produce

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The UK’s largest wholesalers of local and seasonal organic produce

With over 30 years experience in the organic fresh produce industry Langridge Organic are able to meet all your organic needs with a level of expertise and professionalism that is unrivalled. We work with many of the UK’s leading independant retailers in the organic and health food sector as well as with many chefs, food productions business & schools.

We have a network of organic growers throughout the UK that we work closely with to bring our customers the freshest, most comprehensive, range of organic produce possible.

Local organic food direct from UK farms

We have a network of amazing organic growers throughout the UK so we can bring you the freshest, tastiest, organic produce all year round.

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For all your business needs

We recognise that every business has it’s own requirements. At Langridge we match the right product and the right spec. for your business. We make sure we understand what you need, so whether you are a traditional retail business, a juice bar or a school caterer we have the right product at the right price for you.

International Growers

Freshness is key

Based in our purpose built, 17 000 sq ft facility in Feltham, West London, we receive deliveries into our warehouse every night of the week direct from our farms. We work around the clock to bring you the freshest, best quality, organic produce available anywhere in the UK.

UK Growers

More than 25 years in the business

The business started it’s life amongst the rolling hills of Mid-Devon in 1969 when Uncle Bernard Govier bought Langridge Farm and started growing vegetables the old fashioned way, without the use of chemical aids. After operating out of various sites in and around London we moved into New Covent Garden market in 1995 where we stayed for 23 years. In the latest chapter of our history in late August 2018 we moved to a purpose built, 17 000 sq ft, facility, in Feltham, West London. We have seen the organic industry, that we know today, grow from it’s earliest days.

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