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Bob Hewitt

Bob Hewitt


Selehurst Garden Blueberries was established by Bob Hewitt during 2006. Located about four miles South of Horsham, they hand-pick their crop straight from their blueberry farm, through June to September each year.

They grow several varieties of blueberries:

  • Early Blue
  • Duke
  • Spartan
  • Blue Crop
  • Brigitta
  • Chandler

“They have recently received a forestry commission grant for coppicing regeneration.”

Their blueberry farm has been certified organic by the Soil Association and fully meets their strict Organic Standard and tracability code. The fruit is lab tested before each harvest for microbiology and harmful bacteria, under the guide lines and recommendations of the NSF protocol.

Blueberry Farm

The management of habitat around the fields now encourages many wild flora and fauna. To name a few, dormice, grass snakes, slow worms, adders, stoats and weasels, buzzards and owls. Kingfishers have been seen around the lake ajoining the field. The lake also supports moorhens, fish, dragonflies etc. Biannual thinning and coppicing of the adjacent woodland has encouraged flora and shrubs such as bluebells, narcissi and snowdrops, buddleia and elder. They have recently received a forestry commission grant for coppicing regeneration.