Steve Haslum


Steven Haslum and his wife Jane run an organic farm in Alderton near Tewkesbury Gloucestershire. This year, 2021, is the 100 year anniversary of the Haslum Family growing in Alderton. The family were introduced to farming by Steven’s grandfather and continued by Steven’s father before he inherited the farm. The family have traditionally concentrated  on being specialist tomato producers but also grow cucumbers, aubergine and courgettes.

With a little over 10 acres and 3 of these under glass, Steve and Jane also have room to keep horses, Jane’s passion, sheep, chickens and some pigs that love eating tomatoes.

“They grow under three acres of glass and have recently installed a state of the art hot water heating system that uses straw as fuel.”

The environmental impact of what they do is very important to them. The hot water heating system used to provide heat for the glass houses is powered by a Bio Mass boiler, this burns straw much of which comes from Steve’s brother in laws farm, just down the road. As well as this a recently constructed reservoir means that all the rain water from the glass houses is now collected meaning they don’t require any mains water for irrigation.

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