Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson’s interest in organic farming was kindled during time spent in Australia, and on his return to the UK, Andrew completed a degree in Organic Farming, graduating (with a 1st!) from Aberystwyth University.

After spending time working in agriculture, Andrew decided to take the plunge and start his own organic egg business.

Starting with little more than a rented field in Herefordshire, his first flock of hens and living under canvas on site, Andrew gradually grew the business, adding to the flock and making improvements until, in search or more space (organic hens needs lots of room!) the move was made to Haresfield Farm in Wiltshire.

The main priorities at Haresfield Farm are the health and welfare of Andrew’s hens, and in keeping with his roots and beliefs in the benefits of organic farming, ensuring everything quite literally from the soil up is kept natural, healthy and sustainable. Andrew is also a certified member of the Soil Association – an organisation committed to promoting only the very highest standards in animal welfare and organic farming.

Hopes for the future include building further on these principals with the introduction of cows and sheep – natures lawn mowers and natural fertlisers, and reducing the farms carbon footprint and reliance on conventionally delivered electricity by using solar energy around the farm and experimenting with using freely available local resources.