John Hurd


John Hurd and his family have been cultivating watercress for over forty years, when in 1992 he took the decision to go totally organic.  He was awarded his first ‘Organic Certificate’ in June 1994.

In 1991, John Hurd installed the first National Rivers Authority approved settlement tank in the UK.  The tank allows silt and organic debris to settle before water is released, thus helping to maintain a natural balance in our rivers.

“Awarded his first ‘Organic Certificate’ in June 1994.”

Watercress beds are flooded and sluiced, ridding the product of pests, without the need to toxic pesticides.

Eight acres of watercress are under cultivation producing watercress all year round (subject to weather conditions).  Hygiene and water purity in the cultivation of watercress is paramount.  John Hurd was the first NFU approved ‘Organic Watercress’ grower in the UK and also has approval from Organic Farmers and Growers and UKROFS.

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