RBOrganic Ltd was formed in 2005 when John Taylor decided to step away from managing someone else’s Organic vegetable business to start his own, this was done in partnership with his friends and business partners the Burgess family.

RBOrganic Ltd has now been growing and specialising in Organic vegetables ever since. Currently grown and produced on farm are root crops including Carrots, Onions, Beetroot and Potatoes. RBOrganic Ltd is now a fully owned subsidiary of the Produce World group and run by Joe Rolfe. RBOrganic Ltd is a flagship Organic vegetable growing business providing innovation and quality for all its customers.

As a young boy on his grandfather’s dairy farm, Joe, the Farm Manager, got bitten by the farming bug. After graduating from University with a Degree in Agriculture, Joe firstly married his university sweetheart Jayne and then set about building his career in Agriculture. After a spell as a graduate trainee with a large vegetable producing business, Joe joined our team in 2010. During his time at Taylorgrown Joe has worked closely with John Taylor learning what is required to run the business from the ground up. In 2015 he became General Manager for the business as John moved on to pastures new.