Cytropic is a family owned business, Ramon and Stella Lucena which is based in Alora, Malaga and started in 2006. Prior to this Ramon worked for one of the largest organic packers and exporters in Andalucia at the time, Ecofruyser.

Cytropic current produce approximately 5 million kilos of organic fruit and vegetables per year. Previously the majority of production was lemon however over the last three years they have diversified in to vegetable lines; butternut sweet potato, celery, fennel and various types of cabbages. Orange and soft citrus turnover has also increased. Production is now approximately 40% lemon, 40% clementine and orange and 20% vegetables.

All of vegetable lines are grown by Cytropic in the Alora area within 15 minutes of the pack house. The Company has a staff of 20 people, between pack house and farm. Two years ago they relocated to a larger packing facility and plan to invest in further cold storage and a larger outdoor pallet and crate storage later next year.