Bees Vs Neonicotinoids

It seems a bit of an unfair battle really, one which the Bees have been loosing. Sense did finally look like it was prevailing with the EU introducing a total ban on the use of neonicotinoids in 2013 however recent events in the UK and particularly the actions of the NFU represents a big set …

Small Eggar Moths

In a small section of the numerous hedgerows on Langridge Farm, David Goiver spotted these little beauties. Small Eggar Moth we think. They need 3 year old thorn bushes to build their silky den, so some sympathetic hedge management is required to allow then to do this. They are also very sensitive to insecticides, which …

Bugs in our Veg

Something we have to deal with from time to time in the world of organic vegetable is the question of bugs, these can range from a simple aphid through to a larger caterpillar. The issue with organic farming is that obviously we can’t spray our vegetables to get rid of these ‘pests’ (of course a …

Asparagus Season Starts

With St George’s Day been and gone, the day that it is traditionally considered that the UK asparagus season starts, the actual season has begun. With a season of around six weeks make sure you get some while you can.

Spring has sprung?

The 1st of March is the meteorological start of Spring although somehow with those strong winds making it so bitterly cold that is somehow hard to believe. Maybe by the 20th of the month, the astronomical start of spring, things may feel a little more spring like. Here’s hoping.