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Autumn is here

By Mid-October it is safe to say, I think, that Autumn is here and with the weather forecast I have seen for the rest of this week soon there will be no doubt. On the up side (unless of course you like cold, wet and windy weather) there is lots of lovely produce to look forward to.

This next month is when English apples are at their best and whilst many of our vegetables lines may well improve with a bit of a frost on them apples don’t and in fact by the time any frost hits should be all off the trees and in store. With varieties such as Autumn Red, Windsor, Rajka and the ‘marmite’ of the apple world the Ergemont Russet, it is really worth taking the time to try as many of these different apple types as possible.

Squashes are the other big player at this time of the year, you don’t have to make do with just using Butternut but instead you can try varieties like Crown Prince, Harlequin, Turks Turban and Spaghetti.  Pumpkins are ready now and we know are great for carving but don’t forget you can eat them as well.